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Colas® colic infant drops

Colas® colic infant drops

Lactase enzyme 750 Unit/5 drops  

The NEW generation of Infant Colic Drops

  • Colas® is a natural lactase enzyme preparation for the treatment of infant colic which acts in the causes of gas, not the symptoms!
  • Colas® is Safe from birth and have fast effect.
  • Colas® reduces the severity of flatulence and colic on the 2nd day.
  • Colas® saves breastfeeding.

HOW (Colas) work?

Researches has shown that infant colic and crying cases can be attributed to insufficiency of lactase enzyme, especially during the first months of life, as the newborn’s digestive system is immature and does not produce enough lactase enzyme to hydrolyze the lactose sugar in milk (breast milk or cow’s milk formula). Undigested Lactose responsible of the baby’s discomfort and digestive problems followed by prolonged colic symptoms and intense crying.