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Category: Hematology


ExtraFer (Liquid & Drops)

Ferrous Bisglycinate 28mg/5ml Let’s be a part of.. Anemia Free World Ferrous Bis-Glyciante: Iron of choice for the treatment of infants and young children with iron-deficiency because Of its high bioavailability and good regulation. Indication: Iron deficiency Anemia. Lactating and pregnancy Vegetarian Premature and full-term breastfed infants. Chronic blood loss

Folicyo Drop

(Folic Acid drop) High concentration folic acid 200mcg /1 drop & 5mg/1ml. Suitable for infant, children, adult and elder Pleasure taste Easily administration  Dosage: Infant and children : Take one drop daily Adult pregnant and  lactating : Take 2 – 4 drop daily Recommended does can be taken direct or mix with, juice or food