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Category: Gynecology


Extra Calcium for Extra Bone Strength 250mg calcium (as calcium citrate), 400 IU vitamin D3. 40mg magnesium (as magnesium citrate) & 5mg zinc (as zinc citrate). Calcium Citrate 2.5 times more bio availability than calcium carbonate. Absorption is stomach acidity (pH) independent. Produce more 50% PTH suppression than calcium carbonate. Less flatulence and constipation. Taken…
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Folicyo Drop

(Folic Acid drop) High concentration folic acid 200mcg /1 drop & 5mg/1ml. Suitable for infant, children, adult and elder Pleasure taste Easily administration  Dosage: Infant and children : Take one drop daily Adult pregnant and  lactating : Take 2 – 4 drop daily Recommended does can be taken direct or mix with, juice or food  


Food supplement for pregnant and breast feeding Real care for who you love One capsule include 22 active ingredients. 500mg Omega 3 provide 250mg DHA.  800mcg folic acid & 400 IU Vitamin D3. High levels of Vitamins B group. 28mg Iron from Carbonyl iron. Indications: During planning for pregnancy Pregnancy and Breastfeeding.


Concentrated Ginger Extract Concentrated Ginger Extract. Fast acting soft capsule Proven therapeutic efficacy by a lot clinical studies Safe & no side effects Indications: Nausea, Vomiting & postoperative. Pregnant morning sickness. Motion sickness Heartburn and gas Dosage: Nausea & Vomiting: 1 capsule before the two main meals. Pregnant Nausea: 1 capsule per day at night…
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HyaloCid® ( Vaginal gel )

HyaloCid Vaginal gel Properties: gentle, colorless, odorless vaginal gel and protects tissues and restores natural physiological conditions of vaginal membranes Prevention of vaginal dryness due to ageing, low oestrogens, hormonal therapy and use of contraceptives. lowering and preventing problems with vulva and vagina accompanied by dryness of the mucosa, itch, redness, inflammation or discharge; helping in…
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