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Cystolvon® Acetylcysteine nebulizer

Nebulizer solutions vials (100mg/ 10ml) Targeted and faster Mucolytic efficacy for everyone Cystolvon is the Mucolytic Nebulizer Solution. Acetylcysteine have different mechanism of action than saline, as it acts to reduce mucus viscosity. Cystolvon can relieve symptoms of respiratory conditions by acting as an antioxidant and expectorant, loosening mucus in your air passageways. Cystolvon can…
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Repazym® Serratio Peptidase 54.4mg

The Marvelous Enzyme Repazym as Serratio Peptidase enzyme is a proteolytic enzyme that dissolve protein is being widely used in the treatment of many diseases and disorders for decades across the world. Indication: It can be used successfully for pain and inflammation due to arthritis , trauma, surgery , sinusitis, bronchitis, carpal tunnel and painful…
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Colas® colic infant drops

Lactase enzyme 750 Unit/5 drops   The NEW generation of Infant Colic Drops Colas® is a natural lactase enzyme preparation for the treatment of infant colic which acts in the causes of gas, not the symptoms! Colas® is Safe from birth and have fast effect. Colas® reduces the severity of flatulence and colic on the…
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 (Alpha lipoic Acid) Regeneration of anti oxidants such as Vitamin C, E, and Glutathione Increase Glucose uptake and utilization Significantly improve nerve conduction velocity. Improve blood flow to nerve fiber Indications; Diabetic nephropathy Peripheral nephropathy Autonomous nephropathy 


Extra Calcium for Extra Bone Strength 250mg calcium (as calcium citrate), 400 IU vitamin D3. 40mg magnesium (as magnesium citrate) & 5mg zinc (as zinc citrate). Calcium Citrate 2.5 times more bio availability than calcium carbonate. Absorption is stomach acidity (pH) independent. Produce more 50% PTH suppression than calcium carbonate. Less flatulence and constipation. Taken…
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ExtraZnc® Liquid &drop

(Zinc Bisglycinate syrup & drops) ExtraZnc For Extra Protection Indication: Acute and persistent diarrhea. Respiratory tract infections. Potentiate efficacy of growth hormone. Zinc deficiency. Immunity enhancement. Dosage: Diarrhea & zinc deficiency Infant less than 6 months 10mg Zinc. Children more than 6 months 10-20mg Zinc. Respiratory tract infection & immunity enhancement. Infant less than 1…
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ExtraFer (Liquid & Drops)

Ferrous Bisglycinate 28mg/5ml Let’s be a part of.. Anemia Free World Ferrous Bis-Glyciante: Iron of choice for the treatment of infants and young children with iron-deficiency because Of its high bioavailability and good regulation. Indication: Iron deficiency Anemia. Lactating and pregnancy Vegetarian Premature and full-term breastfed infants. Chronic blood loss

Folicyo Drop

(Folic Acid drop) High concentration folic acid 200mcg /1 drop & 5mg/1ml. Suitable for infant, children, adult and elder Pleasure taste Easily administration  Dosage: Infant and children : Take one drop daily Adult pregnant and  lactating : Take 2 – 4 drop daily Recommended does can be taken direct or mix with, juice or food  

D spray

Vit. D (400IU/1 spray) Quick absorbed dose. Innovative dosage form. Pleasure taste. Easy taken. Indications: Vitamin D deficiency. Pregnant and Breastfeeding. Osteoporosis. Patients suffering from Mal-absorption and required vitamin D like elder patient ,intestinal surgery or inflammation, prolong used anti-biotic ,disease in gall

DiaZn® (10 Sachets for Kids & pregnant woman)

For Acute and chronic diarrhea To increase the immunity After antibiotic course DiaZn have unique formula that contains Zinc Bis Glycinate, concentrate colostrum, Prebiotic & Probiotic. Indications: Acute or chronic diarrhea. Immunity enhancement. Restore intestinal flora After anti biotic course